Is it worth buying: Miracle Blanket

When I was pregnant the first time round, I did a bit of research on swaddling.

I decided I would not do it because – so I read – wrapping a baby too tightly could be bad for their hips.

I only realised about four months later how hilarious this idea was. I cannot even wrap a baby tightly enough to contain the arms, let alone even think of constraining hips.

It didn’t matter too much with number one, because he wasn’t particularly fussed about being wrapped. But when number two responded well to being swaddled, I had a bit of a problem.

I tried the velcro-style swaddle but found it would ride up over her face in the night – meaning I hardly slept, watching for it to wriggle up.

A friend recommended a Miracle Blanket. It’s fairly easy to use – you just lie the baby on it and then wrap, basically. One bit is shorter and goes one way, and the other long bit then wraps around and around until you baby looks a bit like the smallest in a set of Russian dolls. You then lie them on the loose end so it does not unwrap.

It’s not foolproof, she could still get her arms out quite often over the course of the night. But I never felt it was unsafe and it was much easier than wrestling with a flat wrap.

Good value, especially if you get a second-hand one on Trade Me.

Is it worth buying? Yes.


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